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Opening an account

You can prepare all the necessary documents for CABS account opening from the convenience of your own home. This is a hassle free process, where your account can be opened quickly in the branch. Zimbabweans working and residing outside Zimbabwe can also open account with CABS but would have to take several extra steps to finalise the process.

How it works

Customers based in Zimbabwe

    • Account opening with CABS requires your presence at any CABS branch with the requirements as outlined below in the “requirements section”. 
    • When you have completed the account opening form and have all the other required documents, visit any CABS branch. An account will be opened immediately, taking that you have all the required documents and forms, and you will walk out with your account number.

Zimbabweans outside Zimbabwe

    • For those who reside outside Zimbabwe, account opening is just a courier away.
    • Once the required documents as outlined in the ‘requirements section’ and the application forms are couriered to CABS, an account will be opened within 24 hours after receipt of the required documents.
    • Account opening application form, Mandate form and Internet Banking Application form should be downloaded, fully completed and couriered together with the account opening requirements outlined below.
    • Once the account is opened, you will have to make the initial deposit within 30 days of account opening. This will be communicated to you once the account is opened. Initial deposit can be done using telegraphic transfer, Mukuru/Chitoro or sending somebody who is in Zimbabwe to make the payment. 

Account opening application formMandate form and Internet Banking Application form can be downloaded here. 


    • Save time by preparing all documents beforehand.
    • Once the account is opened there is flexibility to move funds intra CABS as well as interbank.
    • CABS cards are accepted on all Zimswitch enabled ATMs in Zimbabwe.
    • All cards can also be used in supermarkets at POS machines.
    • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Customers based in Zimbabwe

    • Proof of residence in the name of the customer (if not an affidavit from the Landlord or letter from employer confirming the residence of the customer)
    • Copy of National ID/Driving Licence/Passport
    • One recent colour passport size photograph (within 3 months)
    • Initial deposit – USD10.00 for Blue account and USD25.00 for Gold account
    • Filled Account opening form
    • Filled Mandate card form 
    • Filled Internet Banking form (optional)

Zimbabweans outside Zimbabwe

    • Notarised copy of valid passport
    • Stamped bank reference letter on the bank letterhead – this is from the customer’s bank in the country of residence
    • Proof of residence in the country of residence
    • One recent colour passport size photograph (within 3 months)
    • Proof of income
    • Filled Account opening form
    • Filled Mandate card form
    • Filled Internet Banking form