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As you save and invest for the future, it's important to plan for the unexpected. That might mean setting up an emergency fund and drawing up an estate plan. But you will likely also want to consider how life insurance can help protect your family and your investments.


EasyInsure is a flexible and affordable funeral plan that offers a once-off cash benefit of $1000.00 to cover funeral expenses in the event of death of the insured person. 

Purchase your EasyInsure policy from your mobile phone, at your own convenience – no forms required!

Affordable options
Choose the policy that suits you:

    • Single life – where one person is insured
    • Family Life – where all members of the immediate family are insured (2 adults and unlimited children).

Choose premium installments:

    • Pay quarterly, half-yearly or annually depending on what is affordable to you. 


Installment Single Life Family Life
Quarterly $5.00 $12.50
Half-yearly $8.00 $20.00
Annually $15.00 $37.50

For more information call:

CABS Contact Centre

Telephone:+263 4 883823 – 60
Textacash Helpdesk Telephone: 08080012/3

Funeral Plan

The CABS Funeral Plan is an affordable and simple product that provides a benefit to dependents on the death of the policyholder.

The key features of the CABS Funeral Plan are: 

    • Affordable premiums – cover for as little as $1 per month 
    • Minimum benefit of $500 
    • Maximum benefit of $5,000 
    • No medical tests required 
    • No waiting period for accidental death 
    • 3 months waiting period for death due to natural causes 
    • Simple registration process 
    • Benefits can be extended to other family dependants, e.g. father, mother, mother-in-law or father-in-law

*Terms and conditions differ for clients over the age of 65 years. To register, visit any CABS branch near to you.

Life Plan

The CABS Life Plan provides a cash benefit to dependents on the death of the policyholder. The size of the benefit is sufficient to ensure that your dependents are financially secure after your death. The Life Plan also has features that will give you value and flexibility while you are alive.

Key features include:

    • You are allowed to skip up to 6 monthly premiums before your policy lapses provided you have paid the first 6
    • Maximum benefit of $75,000
    • No medical tests
    • No waiting period for accidental death
    • staggered benefits for non-accidental death
    • Policies can be ceded
    • Premiums are payable up to the age of 65 years but life cover continues for the whole of life

For more information, visit your nearest CABS branch.

Diamond Plan

The diamond retirement plan is specifically tailored for the needs of individuals who want to create a retirement reserve Members make personal contribution on a recurring or adhoc basis. 

As this is a pension, it can only be claimed between age 55 and 70. The minimum contribution is $US50.00 monthly or an ad hoc basis. This benefit is payable as follows on retirement:

If the total pension is not adequate to provide for monthly pay-outs we pay the pension in full. If the total benefit is adequate to purchase the minimum monthly pension as stipulated by law, we pay a third of the capital as a lump sum leaving the two thirds to purchase a monthly pension. This monthly pension is reviewed from time to time. Should your monthly pension become less than the new minimum pension you will automatically qualify for the full amount.

 Underwritten by Old Mutual Life Assurance Company Zimbabwe Limited.