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Investment Products

CABS Investment Services looks after an extensive portfolio for a number of different client segments including large corporate bodies, individuals, schools and welfare organizations. Most importantly, all investments are secured and backed by various financial instruments and the state-of-the art software technology which, enables you to receive the latest information on Interest rates, Exchange rates, positions and terms. 

Our highly trained staff, some of whom you would have already dealt with, are delighted to offer advice and assistance. 

Should you have any queries contact us on the following telephone numbers:

Telephone: (04) 883823 - 59
CABS offers the following Investment products:

Term Deposit

With the CABS Term Deposits, anyone can invest provided they have sufficient funds (minimum of $100) in their transaction account. Term Deposits investment periods vary according to market circumstances, with differing investment rates offered for each period. On maturity of your investment, you have the choice to reinvest your original capital with or without the interest, or enjoy the benefit of the full proceeds. Multiple investments are permitted.

Unit Trust

CABS Unit Trust products are aimed to helping you save for your lifetime goals. Our investment products are simple and flexible and enable you to invest without worry. We will help you realize your goals, from as little as $10.00 per month. These goals can vary from short to long term . Get started and invest with CABS Unit Trust.

Money Market

CABS clients can participate and invest in the money market (subject to minimum balance requirements). CABS portfolio managers analyze the market daily ensuring you get the most competitive rates possible.