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Mobile Banking

From the privacy of your own home or office, you can use CABS Mobile Banking 24/7 to:

  • View your accounts
  • Make payments
  • Make transfers
  • Pay salaries

You can perform various functions such  as viewing mini statements, purchase airtime, do bank to bank transfers and internal transfers and also change PIN number . 

CABS Mobile Banking App

Discover banking at your own convenience with our secure and easy to use mobile banking app.

In order to use the app you must be registered for Mobile Banking. Visit your nearest CABS Branch to register.

    • It's free: Our app is free to download and there’s no monthly subscription.
    • You'll save: You can carry out transactions without having to travel to a CABS Branch.
    • Convenient: You can access the app on the go from your cellphone.
    • Added security: Every transaction is protected by your Mobile Banking PIN.

Video Tutorials

Which Cell phones are supported


    • Apple iOS 4 and above – visit the Apple AppStore
    • Android 2.3 and above – visit the Google Play Store
    • Blackberry BBOS 7 to 9 – visit Blackberry World
    • Feature phones go to www.cabsapp.com

If you can Google on your cell phone you can use the CABS Mobile Banking App.

What Can I do on the app?


    • Money transfers to CABS accounts and other bank account
    • Cash sends to another person’s mobile number (on any local network)
    • Buy airtime for yourself or another mobile number
    • Pay bills (such as DStv, Zesa (postpaid) City of Harare, City of Byo, uMax, TelOne, CIMAS).
    • View mini-statements.
    • View daily foreign exchange rates
    • Locate nearest CABS Branches and ATM’s


The app is free to download and there is no monthly subscription.

Airtime purchase No charge
Send cash to a mobile number 1% of cash amount +25c
Cash out No charge
Mini- statement $0.12
Transfer to CABS account 25c
Transfer to another bank $1.05
Pay bills 50c

Activation Process



1. If you are not registered for Mobile Banking. Take a few minutes to register at your nearest CABS Branch. You will require your cellphone and your bank card (Plantinum, Gold, Blue, Easybank or Textacash).

Then follow the instructions below.

2. If you are registered for Mobile Banking, you can download the App immediately.

3. Visit your phone’s app store and search for 'CABS MOBILE BANKING APP' 

  • Apple iOS 4 and above – visit the Apple Appstore
  • Android 2.3 and above – visit the Google Play Store
  • Blackberry BBOS 7 to 9 – visit Blackberry World

 4. Download, install and open the App.

 5. Follow the easy on screen instruction to activate the App. 

If you have an application on your device which reads QR Codes, scan the code below and it will launch the page of the CABS Mobile Banking Application in the appropriate store:





Can I use it on more than one cellphone or tablet device?
Yes you can, but your OTP will only be sent to your registered mobile number for security reasons.

Can I use it overseas?
Yes, if you have a local line for that country that supports data, or as long as the country you’re visiting supports roaming and you’ve activated international data roaming. Note the international roaming costs charged by your service provider. You can also use the app without roaming by accessing a secure WiFi network.

In order for you to use the app internationally, you must download and activate it before leaving Zimbabwe.

How much data will I need to download the app?
The app varies in size depending on your cellphone’s operating system – for example for Android the app is approximately 2.46 MB. The exact app file size is available in your cellphone’s app store. Our app is called “CABS Mobile Banking”.

What is an OTP (One Time PIN)?
An OTP or One Time PIN is a secret number that you will receive by SMS to your registered mobile number. You need to enter this when prompted to activate the app. You do not need to remember the OTP.

Tell me about the app and airtime or data
You’ll need to have some prepaid airtime or data to use the app. You can also use a secure WiFi network if you’ve run out of prepaid airtime or data.

The app was designed to be secure and efficient to use small amounts of data when doing transactions. These data costs save you money because you don’t need to visit a CABS Branch or Agent to complete transactions or pay bills.

Can I connect to WiFi to use the app?
Yes, the app can be used when you are connected to a WiFi network. We encourage you to only use secure WiFi networks.

Why does the cellphone app indicate that it is unable to connect? The app will let you know if it cannot connect to the Internet and will prompt you to keep trying. Remember to check that you have enough airtime, that your cellphone is not in flight mode or, if using WiFi, that your WiFi network is working.

I can’t download the cellphone app. What must I do?
Have you checked that:

    • Your cellphone is enabled for data?
    • Your cellphone is supported?
    • You have enough airtime or data if you are on prepaid?
    • There is connectivity (either cellular or WiFi)?

If you continue having trouble, call the CABS Contact Centre +263 4 883823 - 60 or the Textacash Helpdesk on 08080012/3 (toll free)

I can’t activate the app. What must I do?
Make sure you have registered for Mobile Banking (dial *227# if you are not sure). Check that you have enough airtime or data and that you have cellular connectivity, make sure that you have entered the correct mobile number and OTP (one time password) which you will receive by SMS to the phone that you have registered for mobile banking.

I have a new cellphone. What must I do?
Carry out the installation process as detailed above. Must I activate the app using the number I registered for Mobile Banking in Branch?

Yes. You have to install and activate the app on your cellphone using the cellphone number verified with us. This is a security measure to protect your money.

I’ve forgotten my PIN. What now?
Visit your CABS Branch and de-register for Mobile Banking and then re-register and select a new Mobile Banking PIN.

How will I know that I need to install a new version of the app?
You’ll be notified through your cellphone’s official app store and by SMS to your registered mobile number.

How will I know if a transaction’s been successfully processed? Transactions are not processed (or completed) until you see a message confirming that the transaction was successful. You can also check your mini-statement to confirm transactions.