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CABS Voted Top Performing Bank 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

For the second consecutive year, CABS was awarded Top Performing Bank 2015, in the Banks and Banking Survey by the Zimbabwe Independent.

The survey, launched in 2009, is held every year to analyse trends in the banking sector based on the premise that the strongest banks in the country are those that have clear robust domestic business franchise, reasonable profit levels, good asset quality and low risk to earnings and liquidity.

According to the survey, CABS was rated the top-performer ahead of Stanbic, Standard Chartered, FBC Bank and Barclays.

Banks were surveyed through their ability to lend, levels of competitiveness, expansion and levels of non-performing loans, among other factors. The survey considered the following metrics:

  1. Size of the bank balance sheet relative to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP),
  2. Balance sheet growth as represented by growth in loans and deposits,
  3. Risk profile metrics namely loans-to-deposit, capital adequacy and operating profits to total income,
  4. Profitability; ROE, ROA, Cost-to-income and non-funded to total income,
  5. Domestic franchise as represented by market share of deposit,
  6. Asset quality as represented by non-performing loans to total loans and
  7. Funding liquidity; liquid assets to total deposit and borrowings.